About Project Rooted


Rooted is the name of an International Student Project in Utrecht. It is a collaboration between Christian Union Utrecht, IFES, and the Singelkerk. Several activities are organized by Rooted, like Bible Studies, Singel Lectures, and Dinner with Dutchies. You can read about these activities on this website.

Besides this, a student house -owned by the Singelkerk- is a part of Rooted. Here, Dutch students and international students live together and participate in the so-called huisavonden (home evenings) when activities are organized. 


All Dutch students living in this house are Christians, so they believe in Jesus Christ and follow him in their daily lives. Most international students living in the house are Christians as well. All students living in this house are expected participate in the home evenings, which strengthens the bond between the people living in the house. House evenings normally start with having a dinner together and are followed by activities like playing games or watching a movie together.