Bible Studies and other CU activities


Once every two weeks, Christian Union organizes a Bible Study evening for international students. Maybe you have been raised in a Christian family and you want to stay in touch with other Christians during your time in Utrecht, maybe you have been raised as a Christian but you lost your faith along the way, or maybe you are not familiar with anything related to the Christian faith  at all. It does not matter who you are, what your background is or how much you know about the Bible and Christianity. CU Bible Studies are open to anyone who wants to join. It is also possible to join one evening and to see whether this is something for you.

During the Bible Study evening you will read some parts of the Bible and discuss that with each other. As the evening starts with having dinner together, you also get to know new people and build new friendships.

Besides Bible studies, CU offers also other activities, like


• games nights

• movie nights

• sports


If you want to join or want to get more information,

please contact CU by mail.


CU 3 111957690375